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Believing that the student’s welfare and progress are the fundamental basis for the school, the athletic department of Hopkins Public Schools declares that  athletic activities play a large part in achieving that end.  It is therefore understood that the goal of the interscholastic program of Hopkins Public School shall be the positive development of all participants and all others related to the program.  Participation in athletics at Hopkins Public Schools is a privilege; it is not granted with school membership.

Furthermore, the student athlete will experience the privilege and joy of membership and learn the responsibility to each team member, coach, spectator, the school community represented and the opponents faced.

The student athlete will learn the importance of self-discipline while abiding by rules and regulations.  The student athlete will learn the relationship between hard work, success, failure, frustration and one’s own self-worth.

Adam Valk
Athletic Director
Phone: (269) 793-7616 Ext. 1511
Fax: (888) 557-7919


Kelly Smith

Athletic Assistant
Phone: (269) 793-7616 Ext. 1504
Fax: (888) 557-7919