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Multiple Teams · Josh Kukulies Scores a Hat Trick!

Thursday was the last home game for the Hopkins Varsity Men’s Soccer Team. The team definitely made this a memorable game to end the season with. The Vikings were in charge of the first half of the game by being up 5-0 going into halftime. Josh Kukulies scored three goals, Sam Smit scored two, Issac Kukulies and Mark Betcher scored one goal each.  In the second half there was a lack in communication from the guys, slowing the scoring pace. However, Sam Smit was able to send an unstoppable ball towards the Kelloggsville goal. His placement of the ball was perfect, the keeper couldn’t touch it if he wanted to. The ball soared from the 18 right between the keeper’s hands and the cross bar. Mark Betcher scored soon after Sam, making the Vikings one goal away from a mercy. Even though they didn’t get to use the mercy rule, the guys were very happy to end the season with such a great game.